Thursday, May 18, 2017


Looking at the stars, shining brightly
Twinkling, sparkling with pride;
Whispering to the wind so cold
Enjoying these shared moments.

Looking at the skies, staring at the moon
Hoping to see the constellations,
Will it ever get better
Looking at the stars forever?

And then the thunder will come
Dark clouds keeping the stars to shine;
Then the stars looking for a place to stay
Sparkling, shining brightly.

We’ll be the stars finding constellations,
A place to stay…
After the dark comes,
Darkness where we can shine.

Looking at the stars shining brightly
We’ll be the stars finding constellations
A place to stay…
Loving the darkness when it comes.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Princess Rebel: Chapters 1-3

Chapter 1: I’m Gab

Hey I’m Gab and I am a ballet student. And I am 7 years old and I live in the humble town of Caba. I am about to go to my class. I walked between our ballet class and the boys’ taekwondo class. I really don’t know where to go?  I want to go to the Taekwondo class but I was signed up in the Ballet class by my Mom. I really wish I could join this class. After that I went in and had to stretch so my body becomes flexible but I can’t so I decided to do my kicks. And I was scolded by my teacher by not doing my stretching.

My birthday is tomorrow so I am so excited for later. At last it was dismissal time. I went back home. I was surprised, my parents gave me a minion doll but I called him Mr. Bear because I wanted to make him a bear but too sad that he was a minion.

Chapter 2: Meet Mr. Bear

“Gab time to sleep but before that let me tell you a story,” Mom said.

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a castle with her friend Thor as you know that Thor was a superhero in Avengers.

One night there was a villain named Dr. Evil Bear and he was there to capture the princess. Thor did not even notice that the princess was gone. He was just relaxing under the sun drinking juice with ice and going out at the beach with his friends.

On the other side, the princess was sick of Dr. Evil Bear’s place. She noticed that every fairy tale does not need a prince charming or a hero to save a princess’s life all you need to do is to be brave and defeat the villain by your own because the real hero is you.

No one told her that she can save herself in danger so the princess got out of the cage and defeated Dr. Evil Bear. And she lived peacefully on her own and ignored Thor in her life because she has herself. 
                        The End                 

Chapter 3: Why do boys have all the fun?

3 years later…..

“Gab, What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“I want to be a special agent or a spy. Oh! A fighter.”

“Are you sure about that Gab because I think your answer is just for boys?”

“Yes, I’m sure!”

My classmates started booing at me so was my teacher. Why? Boys are not the only ones who can be a fighter. Girls can also be one of them and what’s wrong with that? I walked out of my class and went back home and started crying in my room. I’m going to show them that girls can also be a fighter and be brave like me because I know that girls rock but I am going to need Mr. Bear’s help.

         Mr. Bear I need you to be Dr. Evil Bear and I am going to post a video doing my moves at Youtube. I am going to show them what I can do and they are going to be shocked of how I do my taekwondo moves and my skills. So I posted a vid at my channel and I saw a million views but thousands of dislikes. So I practiced a lot. At school they call me a crazy princess but I call myself a brave fighter and I am proud because I won’t give up.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Family, My Hero


           Have you ever thought that your family is your hero?

           If yes, you’re absolutely right!

           You know why?
           Well, here it is: 

          Our family protects us. They are our guardian. And they do whatever that is they need to do to keep us safe and to ensure that we are happy. They only want to see us smile. Our parents sacrifice a lot for us. It is like, they are about to eat the last piece, but if we tell them we want another bite, they give that last piece to us. They give their all just to provide us a bright future.

           You must also know how special you are to your family. Each one of us should know that by heart. It is not what we do. And it is not what we have done. But it is all about who we are. My parents do not forget to tell us that whether we do good in school or misbehave, win a contest or lose, have high grades or get low scores in a test, they love us anyway.

            Our family knows who we are, inside and out. And yet they love us. So if you are reading this… Oh I mean, after you read this, go give each one of your family a great big hug and a kiss, too, like I did after I let Mama and Dada read my thoughts.

            And after that, sit back, relax and enjoy your family every minute of the day, as long as you are here. And do not forget to begin and end your day with “I LOVE YOU’s”.